Brand New Street Fighter X Tekken Footage

April 12, 2011, By Christian Davis

Another wonderful crossover from Capcom? Who would ever complain about that? We’ve not only got a brand new trailer, but some new gameplay footage as well!

Street Fighter x Tekken takes favorites from obviously, the Street Fighter and Tekken franchises. Their worlds have collided and they are not friends at all.

In an interview with Destructoid, Producer Yoshinori Ono states that this is a universe crossing, not versus. In the trailer, you’ll notice water and oil coming out with each punch symbolizing that these two don’t mix.

“One thing that we’ve also been asked about is ‘why cross? why not versus?’ If you look at the older Vs. games, they call it “Vs” which insinuates the [two worlds] don’t get along, that they are going to fight each other. But then right on the title screen of X-Men vs. Street Fighter you see Ryu and Cyclops shaking hands, and they’re being real buddy buddy. So we deliberately wanted to differentiate ourselves from the “Vs.” games. This is not a game about people getting along; this is a game about oil and water trying to mix, this is a game about people kicking each other’s asses.”

Makes perfect sense. This probably rules out the possibility of having Law and Ryu on the same team. It’s either Tekken or Street Fighter.

Here’s the trailer below followed by the gameplay videos. Head over to Street Fighter X Tekken’s official site for more info. Better brush up on your Japanese though.


Gameplay Video 1

Gameplay Video 2

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