Apple iPhone 5 Rumor Talks of Mass Production Starting Only After September 2011

April 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 has been alive and exciting by way of rumors that seem to be flowing out day after day. The latest in the lot says is that iPhone 5 mass production would not begin before September this year. This implies that the device will come only by October, or may be during the beginning of next year.

The information comes from an analyst with Avian Securities who has had discussions with a “key component supplier” for Apple. Hope you remember that we had earlier told you about a rumor that indicated a possible arrival by the coming summer.

Meanwhile, speculations also have it that the updated iPhone 4 would arrive this year along with the iPhone 5 and is due for release next year some time. According to the latest rumor Apple could be introducing an iPhone model with a lower price tag or lower specs.

Well, this is basically the iPhone nano rumor, perhaps in a new form. (Hope you have already seen  our report on what the rumors could really mean. Click here if you haven’t!)

The most possible reason behind the delay of the mass production of the iPhone 5, based on the latest reports might be because of the manufacturer’s plans of incorporating LTE support. Also, a delay would make the customers of the Verizon iPhone 4 feel that their product is not an outdated one.

Generally, Apple makes new additions to their product line on a yearly basis. Considering the reasons mentioned, the new iPhone 5 is least likely to ship this year.

Above all, what we hear are rumors and they do not come with any kind of legitimacy. Watch this space for more such grapevine talk. Who knows, Apple might be waiting to push forth something official too in the meantime.

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