Tablet Users Addicted to Games! What Do You Use Your Tablet For?

April 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chances are you may paste a smirk on your face when you read this. But then, going by expert findings, what we say is indeed true. Going by a recent study, more people are using tablets for gaming. It might sound insane, but the research team has come up with their estimates. Curious to know more on that? Read on.

A Google AdMob survey conducted during last month, among over 1,400 tablet owners in the United States has indeed thrown up interesting results. This could also be seen as the first study that has unearthed a scenario where gaming has come ahead of email as a usage for tablets.

The survey has found that 84% of tablet owners play games on their devices.  That is a clear leap when compared to the 78% who search for information, 74% who use the device for emailing and 61% who use the tablets to keep up to date with news happening around them.

The survey has also found that 82% of tablet owners use their tablets at home and 62% use it during the night.

A 69% of the participants use their tablets more during the weekdays rather than during the weekends.

What’s more interesting is that the data leads to an inference that a stereotypical tablet user spends most of their time using the device for gaming, searching and emailing – that too on weekdays during the night.

That implies that most of the owners exploit the device for recreational purpose, night time being perfect for this, and leave the device idle on the weekends. The survey also found that 38% of respondents spend more than two hours a day using their tablets, while another 30% spend 1-2 hours.

A 56% of tablet owners use social networking services on their device whereas 46% read e-books. Meanwhile, 51% use it for listening to music and for watching videos. It becomes clear that gaming is the most popular use for these devices, considerably ahead of music, video and ebooks.

Well, the estimate of the tablets used at workplace accounts for only 7%. Portability being one of the major USP of tablets, what we see here is, most of the owners use it for domestic purposes. As per the survey, only 28% have entirely replaced their primary computer with a tablet. That means an additional tablet was purchased just for the sake of playing games.

AdMob does not reveal the brands used by these people. However, as you see, the survey was conducted in March when Apple’s iPad dominated the tablet market in the US. The Samsung Galaxy Tab was also available during this time. Did you know you are among the many addicted to gaming on your slate? If you do not approve of this, tell us why! In the meanwhile, you can download the full survey here.

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