Samsung Replenish Green Android Smartphone Rumored to Hit Sprint on May 5

April 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There has been many a leak from Sprint in April, which showed us a lot about Sammy’s plans for the future. A leaked training material had been the source of many of those leaks that had been happening from time to time.  Besides many other devices mentioned, there was also mention of a the new device from Samsung. As you all know, Samsung had christened the phone Replenish, and we now understand that the name stems from fact that the device will be a green Android smartphone.

Adding more color to the details, a latest rumor says that the Samsung Replenish will be unveiled officially on April 15. The most interesting information shared is that the handset will be heading for Sprint, and will hop on to the network on May 5.

Now that is what we call a cute leak with a lot of specific info. The revelations make it more than just beating about the bush. To add more credibility, the source has also shared certain internal pages from Sprint.


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The documents include a request for a vanity URL which can be used to direct customers to Samsung Replenish First Buy campaign. The webpage puts the launch date as May 05, “so that the device is available at 12.01 AM on 5/5/2011”.

Many would approve of Samsung’s new tread on green terrain. The new green Android smartphone from Samsung is what we now are waiting for. We know you are also curious to know what the device will bring along. Join us as we wait for May 5 to dawn.

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