Brink Coming One Week Early

April 11, 2011, By Christian Davis

When there’s an exciting new game on the horizon, some of us get really impatient. We mark days off the calendar, join Facebook groups, join all the newsletters and forums available. Bethesda Softworks is giving everyone a gift for talking so much about their new game Brink. They’ve  bumped the release date of Brink one week earlier!

Now Brink will be available May 10th instead of May 17th in the United States and May 13th instead of May 20th in Europe. Brink is definitely one of those standout shooters that will breathe some fresh air into the now cluttered First Person Shooter market.

“Production wrapped on Brink earlier than we planned and we didn’t see any reason to keep gamers from getting their hands on this highly anticipated game as soon as it was ready,” said Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing for Bethesda Softworks. “It’s apparent from the tremendous reaction so far that people are eager to jump online and play, and if we can make that happen earlier – we’re going to.”

Who out there is excited for Brink?

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