BlackBerry Torch 2 Brings in More Charm Than Predecessor; May Hit AT&T This July

April 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

RIM fans, here’s the Black Berry Torch 2 for you. The Torch 2, as you know, first surfaced by way of a leak. A pre-release look at the device is sure to make an impression in you that the device will be leap from the original device – going by performance, that is.

Folks at BGR who got a chance to grab the device for a preview say that the Torch 2 looks similar to the original Torch but is far more improved in its specs and performance. Though the physical dimensions have not much changed, the innards have gone for a massive revolution.

The display that the Torch 2 boasts of comes with 640×480 resolution – remember it was 360×480 in the original Torch.  But the real upgrade has happened with the processing power.

The original Torch had a processor of 624 MHz speed. The new incarnation sports a fiery processor running almost double speeds at 1.2 GHz.

The OS platform is going to be a plus for the new Torch 2. The original Torch sported BlackBerry 6.0, while the new device will go one step forward with OS 6.1.

Expected to hit AT&T in July, the new BlackBerry Torch 2 will rejuvenate the RIM fans, who have been a tad depressed with the low specs of the original Torch, will have something to cheer with the new device. Going by the indications, we can well hope that the Torch 2 will have a better camera too.

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