Apple iPhone 4 Driving Verizon Market Gains

April 9, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple iPhone 4 seems to be sailing pretty well on Verizon Wireless’ carrier waves. Ever since Big Red launched the Apple device, customers have been a happy lot. As if endorsing this buoyant scenario, a study has found that Verizon’s sales during the past four-week period have rode high mainly due to the presence of the iPhone 4 on their network.

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, a leader in consumer knowledge and insights based on continuous consumer panels, while making public the latest study findings has revealed that the Apple iPhone 4 is the top selling device on Verizon. The product currently accounts for 30.1% of the carrier’s consumer mobile handset sales.

The figures published for the four weeks ending 20 March 2011 also pointed out that Apple also has experienced growth in its share from 27.2% for the year in the 12 weeks to March 20th from 21.1% recorded in June 2010. Apple’s market sales share was under pressure during in Q4 2010, with the advent of Android.

The data brings to the fore the demand enjoyed by the iPhone 4 among the American folks.  Consumers are apparently more loyal to their carrier in the US compared to other markets where they have conducted the survey.

As Paul Moore, Global Director of ComTech notes, “consumers who were not willing to switch to AT&T for the iPhone may have been waiting for the much speculated Apple -AT&T exclusivity deal”. ComTech tracks mobile phone behavior and this report is based on their latest research.

The survey has also unearthed the fact that many of the new Verizon consumers had been non-smartphone users before opting for the Verizon iPhone 4. This actually implies that increased spend on devices and bills could bring significant value to Verizon as the company moves forward.

The survey also found that Apple’s leading share on Verizon is expected to drop back over the Q2 period. However, the carrier can take steps to avoid such a scene if the price for the iPhone on their network is brought down.  Do you think Verizon will manage a leg up against rival AT&T by doing this? Tell us your take on that.

Here’s the iPhone 4 commercial Verizon Wireless had brought forth at the time of launch.

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