Google YouTube Revamp Kicked Off On $100 Million Investment

April 8, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In what could be a major challenge to the on-line video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and the lot, Google is reportedly working on a major overhaul of YouTube. In a bid to tap the market segment of people who love watching on line videos on television sets in the comforts of their living rooms, Google is set to make considerable changes in YouTube’s home page.

The move will highlight channels related to specific areas like sports and arts. These channels, which number around 20 or so, in addition to the other content in the YouTube, will feature professionally produced original programming for several hours. This is meant to catch more viewers to YouTube as well as to show the advertisers that they have specific viewers. The search giant is planning to put almost $100 million into the process.

YouTube already features professional entertainment content, but often without the consent of the authors. Later, they had implemented a filtering system in response to complaints from content owners.

They have started paying the license money to the owners of the content also. Last fall, YouTube entered into a deal with Miramax for their library of 700 films paying roughly $100 million for them.

However, now it seems that they are looking for a middle-way investment in programming rather than spending money to license the content. The aim is to create a network of ad-supported channels that users will spend more time with. Well, we have to wait and see how much it will pull you to YouTube.



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