Fast Messaging with Windows Phone 7

April 8, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you caught any of the early Windows Phone 7 promotional adverts you will know that one of the focuses of the platform is speed. Built on a desire to make people more sociable and less “phone gazing” Windows Phone 7 allows very quick access to Facebook as well as making the process of launching the camera, snapping a photo and uploading it to any social networking site remarkably fast.

Another task that you can perform very quickly with Windows Phone 7 is sending a message.

In fact performing this task is so effortlessly simple that it barely warrants writing about!

Thanks to a combination of the slick Metro UI and what is possibly the fastest software keyboard available, Windows Phone 7 makes sending a message – whether an email or a text message (SMS) – a task that can be performed in just a few seconds.

Fast messaging with Windows Phone 7

Sending a Text Message with Windows Phone 7 inside 10 Seconds

We’ll use text messaging as the example here – emails take a little more time to setup (see below) but the principle is just the same.

On your Windows Phone go to Messaging and then tap + to start a new message. In the To: field tap + again to add a recipient – either scroll through the list or tap the Search button to bring their name up. Tap the name of the contact you’re messaging and select their number and you will be returned to the compose message screen.

Tap out your message on the software keyboard and tap Send – the whole process should take no longer than 15 seconds (in testing the message was a suggestion to meet up for dinner).

Obviously sending an email can take a lot longer, depending on the amount of text in the message; SMS messages are limited to 160 characters, which is why this test can be successfully achieved so quickly.

Other Windows Phone 7 Speed Examples

Email accounts can take some time to setup on desktop computers and other mobile platforms, but with Windows Phone 7 the process can take under 10 seconds.

To setup a new email account in Windows Phone 7 go to Settings > Email & Accounts > Add an Account and choose your email account of choice. It might be Yahoo! Mail, Google Gmail or Windows Live, or if you’re accessing a personal or ISP provided account, use the Other account option.

In the next screen, enter your Email address and Password and tap Sign in – in 95% of cases your email account settings will automatically be detected and setup on your Windows Phone within 5 seconds!

These Windows Phone 7 speed examples are just the tip of the iceberg, and since the release of the NoDo update the platform is now even faster, with lags in launching resource-heavy apps and games now a thing of the past!

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