Duke Nukem Forever has got Babes

April 8, 2011, By Christian Davis

Graphic violence? Check! The manliest of men? Check! Sexy 3D generated women? Double Check! The latest Duke Nukem Forever trailer has one thing in mind and that’s women..er…babes. Big breasted promiscuous women that want only one thing, Duke Nukem. They don’t want to run for cover from the monsters or gun fire, only sex.

The latest trailer doesn’t show any of the gun play or monsters, just waves of women throwing themselves at you. That’s really what the whole trailer is about. It’s all topped off nicely with the smooth talking Duke Nukem. Why don’t we all take lessons from him when it comes to women? He’s a genius really. “I’m bringing sexy back,” “What’s new pussy cat?,” and my personal favorite “Anybody mind if I take off my pants?” If these sweet one liners don’t have you covered with lovely ladies, then nothing else will. Duke Nukem is a casanova.

Duke Nukem Forever comes out on June 14th. Here’s the trailer below.

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