Best Buy Blacklisted from Selling Apple iPad 2; Retailer’s Mishandling of Sales Said to be the Reason!

April 8, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wonder what has happened to Best Buy? The retailer will longer be able to sell the iPad 2 following Apple’s new ban on sales at their counters. The manufacturer has decided to stop selling the device via Best Buy – at least for the time being.

Though this comes in as a shocker, we tend to believe the decision follows some sort of misunderstanding between both the entities. From what we get to know, the retailer was found to be holding off on selling the iPad 2 tablets they had in stock.

Best Buy is also believed to have told customers that there is a shortage in supply of the device by the manufacturer. However, the fact is that the store still had stock remaining.

The grapevine suggest that a Best Buy employee himself let the cat out of the bag by revealing that they’ve been hesitant to sell the iPads, even when there was enough stock.

The incident is said to have led Apple to slap a ban on the sales of any more iPad 2 devices at the store. Meanwhile, Apple’s chief operating officer Tim Cook has jumped into the scene and is currently charting out negotiations to solve the issue.

Rumor or not, the freeze in sales of the iPad 2 at Best Buy could come as negative for the renowned retailer.

Do you think this was necessary? Tell us what you feel about the whole row.

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