Apple iPad May Bring in Hybrid Display System in the Future; Patent Filing Suggests So

April 8, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever thought Apple would mull over bringing in a hybrid display system for their iPads? A recently unearthed patent filing from Apple suggests that the iPad manufacturer is looking to do exactlythat. Titled ‘Systems and Methods for Switching between an Electronic Paper Display and a Video Display’, the patent shows the figure of a device with traditional LCD display and the e-ink display which can be switched in between.

The logic goes thus: The LCD display is the best for displaying video content. But it needs back lighting and consumes a lot of power too. Instead, the e-ink display could be the best alternative. It is a black and white display which is being used in e-book readers such as Amazon Kindle. There is no need to back light it and can be read in sunlight also.

So the new system filed in the patent will switch between the two displays as the nature of the content in display changes. In a bid to enable this, the display will have independently working LED back lighting systems, which back light the display only when the LCD panel is working.

The patent diagrams tell us how they are going to accomplish it too. Apple is planning to put the e-ink panel which allows seeing through it on top of the LCD panel. Above all, a layer of touch-sensitive interface will be thrown in and that would help users to interact with the device.

The patent filed in October of 2009 will not only help extending the battery performance, but will aid users to get an optimal visual experience with the forthcoming iPads.

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