Android Set to Pocket More Than Half of the Total OS Market by 2015; Symbian Heads for Doom; Gartner Study

April 8, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android fans, you are in for some interesting statistics. The coming years are set to pave the way for Android reign and it is being estimated that the OS will improve its market share in the short term. However, Symbian would see itself fade into oblivion.

A recent study published by Gartner about the possibilities and market chances of different smartphone OS platforms has revealed such interesting things – and more. The study that compares the number of handheld devices sold and the corresponding market share in percentage shows the statistics of 2010 and 2011 and estimates the figures for the coming years.

Symbian, the major platform for Nokia phones, was enjoying considerable popularity with 37.6 percent of the market share during 2010. But as Nokia decided to shift to Windows Phone 7 platform, the figures for Symbian goes for a free fall. The study predicts that by 2015, Symbian will be almost fading away with a mere 0.1 percent of market share.

However, it seems that Android is gearing up to reap more benefits during the period. With market share steadily increasing, it is set to rule the market by 2015 with close to half of the total market share. However, the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform also shows an upward trend as far as its market share is concerned.

Though the growth of Android is something which everybody expects, the study shows that the RIM OS might be losing its market share during the period. iOS, however, fails to show a clear picture. It improves its position compared to 2010, but shows a zig zag trend in between.

Many of you Android addicts over there must be feeling happy to find that your favorite OS is getting popular than ever. However, do you think a single player overshadowing all others would be a healthy situation in a supposedly level playing field? Tell us what you think.

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