Check Social Networks Fast with Window Phone 7!

April 7, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Continuing our series of articles showcasing the speed of Windows Phone 7, this time we’re going to take a look at how quickly you can check and interact with the Windows Live and Facebook social networks.

Both networks are available as integrated options on the Windows Phone 7 platform, meaning that information from each is displayed in the People Hub. This enables quick access to various features, and most importantly stops you from being unnecessarily diverted from what is going on around you.

It’s pretty bad form to start checking your phone while at a party, at dinner or even in a business meeting – the speed of Windows Phone 7 will prevent this from becoming an issue!

Check social networks fast with Windows Phone 7

Adding Social Networks to Windows Phone 7

As the most popular social network, we’re going to use Facebook as the subject for this speed test. Usually when you access Facebook, it will already be setup on your phone. However we’re going to spend time on the setup process here, just to prove how quickly data can be synced to your handset.

Note that a fast mobile Internet or local wireless connection is needed for the sync to complete successfully.

To add Facebook integration to Windows Phone 7, go to Settings > Email & Accounts > Add an Account and select Facebook. In the next screen enter your username/email address and password and tap Sign In.

A few moments later your Facebook account will become accessible via the People Hub!

Checking Facebook Activity in the People Hub

Press the Start button to return to the main screen on your phone and then access the People Hub. Initially the People Hub will have featured only contacts from your SIM card or from a Windows Live account (pretty much necessary for you to use a Windows Phone to its full capacity).

With Facebook integration, the People Hub becomes more than just an address list, and regularly checks the popular social networking service for updates from your contacts. It also matches Facebook friends to people that you have in your contacts list, although there may be some duplication in some cases.

What all of this means is that rather waiting for a Facebook app to launch (although one is available if you fancy a wider feature set) you can tap the People Hub, view the What’s New page and quickly scroll through the list of activities and even tap individuals status updates and links to add your own thoughts and comments!

A quick time of the amount taken to sync my Facebook account with my Windows Phone came in at an immensely impressive 15 seconds; meanwhile unlocking the screen, accessing the People Hub and leaving a comment on a single friend’s status took another 10 seconds – now that is FAST!

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