Apple Devices High on Teens’ Minds; iPhone & iPad Dominate Student Scene

April 7, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever spared a thought as to who among you are Apple addicts. If you haven’t, here is something that could help you understand the popularity of Apple devices. And believe it or not, the iPhones and the iPads are simply the most loved among the teen population in the US. A new survey shows Apple’s high running demand among the teens.

The 21st bi-annual Piper Jaffray teen survey (PJC Teen survey) was conducted among 4,500 high school students, and the findings point at Apple’s dominance in the mobile and online music markets.

The survey, in fact, stands testimony to the fact that iOS devices continue to dominate the teen market and, it has been further revealed that quick adoption of tablets by the teenagers is happening.

If the iPhone variants alone are taken into account, the percentage of teens who own the iPhone was 14 percent in October, 2011. It has, of late, undergone an increment and the number stands at 17 percent this year.

As per the estimate of the number of teens who plan to buy an iPhone in the next 6 months, the survey reveals that the percentage has increased from 33 percent last Fall to 37 percent this Spring.

Piper Jaffray says the intent to buy has historically translated into subsequent market share gains too. It has been observed that the desire for owning an iPhone has grown steadily since the manufacturer introduced the device. The trend is expected to continue.

The survey carries a category for tablets too since many teens have switched to slates. The percentage of teens who already own a tablet accounts for an astonishing rate of 22 percent.

Also, an additional 20 percent of teens indicated plans to purchase a tablet in the next 6 months. However, the survey did not specifically ask students which brand of tablet they owned. But the results are more likely to support Apple considering the dominant position of iPad in the tablet industry.

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In the case of portable media player (PMP), a declining rate has been revealed. The percentage of students owning a PMP declined from 90 percent to 80 percent over the past six months. Switching to phones for listening to music is the major reason behind this dwindling rate.

The findings further point out that the iTunes software and the Ping social network also continue to attract the teens with the addition of new features and, thereby, positioning Apple on the top in this regard too.

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