How to Uninstall Android Apps

April 6, 2011, By Christian Cawley

You have an Android phone or tablet, you’ve spent a bit of time in the Android Market, and your device has got a bit full. There are apps and utilities and games that you want to remove – but how exactly do you uninstall an app in Android?

Hidden away from the main options on your device are controls to help you uninstall and administer your installed apps and games. While the business end of Android integrates your desktop area, apps and the Android Market for getting hold of more apps, in the background you will find various controls for removing and improving the performance of various apps.

Once you know how to access these controls it should be pretty easy to check back in future and tweak an app or remove it, putting you fully in control of your Android phone!

Uninstalling Apps on Your Android

While certain apps are pre-installed on Android devices (and therefore hard, but not impossible, to remove) there are others that you can purchase and install via the Android Market (and its various competitors).

Anything that you install on your Android phone or tablet can be removed by you, just by following some very simple instructions.

I recently installed the Opera Mobile browser for my Android tablet (running Android 2.2) and decided it was a much better browser option than Opera Mini. It makes better use of the 10 inch screen than the older browser, so it makes sense to remove Opera Mini.

This can be done by browsing to Settings > Applications > Manage applications where the applications that you have permissions to remove can be found. I’m removing Opera Mini so I scroll through the list and tap the entry for the application.

To remove Opera Mini, all that is needed is a tap of the Uninstall button. Android will ask for confirmation of removal and then uninstall the app!

Managing Misbehaving Applications

You can also use the Manage applications screen to resolve issues with poorly performing applications. For instance if a program is hanging or refusing to exit you can force close the app. To force an app to close, use the Force stop button in Settings > Applications > Manage applications. This action will end the program immediately, and return control of your device resources to any other apps that require them.

Poorly performing apps can benefit from one of the other options in the Settings > Applications > Manage applications screen. You might be experiencing continued issues with the app that you previously forced to exit, something that would suggest a data issue. Perhaps some data has corrupted, leaving the app difficult to use reliably.

This can be resolved by using the Clear data option, and is particularly useful in web browsers or any app that has a regular connection to the web.

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