Dell 10-inch Windows 7 Tablet Not to Arrive Before Fall; Windows 8 Device in the Works Too

April 6, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

During February we were witness to Dell making official their plans for 10-inch Windows 7 tablet. Since then, we had been closely tracking Dell’s innards so as to get a hint of when the device would finally come.

The latest we hear is that the release of the device is supposed to happen sometime this year. However, a specific date is yet to come by. We get to know that the device may not come to our midst at least prior to the coming fall season.

The reason for this delay is not yet known, and it is quite unclear as to why Dell is pushing the date of release until September. We think there are some internal issues to be sorted out at Dell before actually pushing the tablet out to sales counters.

We have been seeing the hints regarding the existence of the 10-inch Windows 7 from the manufacturer itself, since October, last year. Other companies, including HP and Asus, as you know, have already released Windows 7-powered tablets. Dell is still offering its smaller Streak tablets, which come in 5 and 7-inch sizes.

Meanwhile, Forbes has reported that Dell might also be preparing to launch a Windows 8-based tablet by early 2012. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s next iteration of Windows and is said to be better suited for tablets. However, with 2012 fairly far off, we need not expect something to come any sooner.

That makes us believe that the new device from Dell featuring Windows 8 could get released only around that time. Currently, all eyes are on the 10-inch tablet, and we guess we will need to watch proceedings at Dell closely until September.

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