Brinks Full Achievement and Trophy List

April 6, 2011, By Christian Davis

Brink is just about month away and with each gameplay trailer that is released we all get a little more excited about this high octane shooter. Today Bethesda has released the game full Xbox 360 Achievement and Playstation 3 Trophy list on their blog.

There are some pretty basic things to get like completing all main missions for one faction, opening shortcuts for you team, or upgrading your command post. Some aren’t as common though. For example, if you’re a medic you get an achievement for giving your last supply pack away. Not being selfish pays off. You’re also rewarded by killing an enemy with a satchel charge. I have no idea how you’re suppose to know, but just kill everyone!

These achievements also shed light on other type of missions. They are called “What If” missions and will go into alternate scenarios of the game’s main story. What if you didn’t assassinate that general? What if you didn’t plant that bomb? This should add quite a bit of replay value to the main story. Seeing all the alternate outcomes to the missions that you have to do is a nice touch.

Here’ the list of achievements below.

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