Apple iPhone5 Gearing Up for June Launch; Rumored to be Heading for a Korean Roll Out

April 6, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple iPhones are in the fourth generation and the fifth is soon to be born. As is the case with you, we are anxiously waiting for the latest release. Seems like we may not have to wait long too get ours hands on the device. A Korean source claims that the Apple is all set to roll out the iPhone 5, during the 4th week of June. Let us also seek your attention on the rumors that had been filling the air and what they really mean to you.

Though there were speculations that Apple is mulling over launch of the iPhone 5 at the World Wide Developers Conference announced on June 6th. However, other sources later confirmed that the World Wide Developers Conference will be focusing entirely on software front.

The new revelation from the Korean source claims that the release will be in June itself. However, we need to treat this as a rumor, as no confirmation has come about as yet. Korean carriers SK Telecom and KT are expected to be the first ever carriers to offer iPhone 5. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

The rumor also denies the earlier grapevine talk of a delay reportedly happening with regard to the launch of the iPhone 5. Though Apple may not launch the device at the WWDC venue, chances are that a separate launch ceremony might be organized.

We are trying to assess the credibility of the source. Till we get a confirmation either from the Apple or from other reliable tipsters, we suggest you take it just as a rumor. Stay tuned as we go hunting for more on that.

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