The Windows Phone Speed Test #1

April 5, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Windows Phone 7 is, as we’ve seen previously, incredibly fast. In fact I would go so far as to say that it is the fastest mobile device around for performing particular important tasks, with or without a speed-enhancing update.

As such I’m going to prove it. By the time you have read this article I will have snapped, edited and uploaded a photo from my Windows Phone 7 to my Windows Live account. Obviously you only have my word for the amount of time the process will take; however I think the previous explanation on how quickly these tasks can be performed should be enough to prove that everything that is about to happen is happening in real time.

The Windows Phone Speed Test #1

Snap, Edit and Upload a Photo Inside 30 Seconds

As I start I have a reminder on my Windows Phone display – I Dismiss this and then slide up the lock screen and enter my PIN

I then hold the camera button for 1 second until the camera start and I line up and take the shot. As it slides away to the left, I drag the image back into view and drag the menu on the right across, selecting Extras.

Here I launch Photo Enhancer, one of the many photograph tweaking apps available in the Zune Marketplace (several are available for various fees; Photo Enhancer is free to HTC Windows Phone owners).

I decide that the image of a cold day needs warming up, and select the Warm filter, then tap Save. A message is displayed informing me that the new image is stored in Saved Pictures, so I tap Start, head to the Pictures Hub, select All > Saved Pictures, open the image, drag the menu up and tap Upload to SkyDrive.

Literally seconds later (you’ll see when you get there) the photo is available to view in my SkyDrive account.

How Fast Was That?!

As you can see, it’s pretty fast. Now there was one shortcut I took – the Photo Enhancer app doesn’t offer an awful lot in the way of enhancements, save a selection of filters. This meant I was able to quickly find and select a preset option rather than spend time resizing the photograph.

What this shows, however, is that there are a lot of image editing apps that can be installed on a Windows Phone device, and the best of these are designed to appear in the Extras list. Other examples of apps that you can use to edit your photos include Photo Studio, while more unusual uses for your images can be performed with apps such as Morfo or Ztitch, the latter a great way to create panoramas.

We’ll have more Windows Phone 7 speed tests in the coming weeks…

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