HTC New Eden Concept Out, Looks More Like an iPhone!

April 5, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphones, no matter who makes them, tend to come with cute designs. Some go trendy, some go very serious. Hatching new models and designs is not an easy task, we know. The engineering & design fraternity is putting a lot of effort to design the outward appearance and form factor of these devices. Most often it is as important as the specs of the device.

As you may be aware, a New Eden Project was in existence —  so as to throw in more creativity and innovation to designing smartphone structures. Hosted by BriefMobile, the project looks for feasible, appealing and usable hardware designs for the phones.

We stumbled upon a concept design rolled out in the Eden project, and that falls under the name of HTC New Eden Concept 1. The device comes with durable aluminum shell. Like other HTC products, the HTC New Eden 1 also shares some characteristic HTC design elements; however, it conveys a more futuristic look also.

What we feel is that the New Eden 1 concept has – knowingly or unknowingly – included more iPhone elements in its visual appeal. We are trying to figure out what exactly make us think so – but somewhere the design features make us feel so. That doesn’t mean we are not happy with the design, though. It,  indeed,  looks alluring.

We are now waiting anxiously for more exciting hardware designs to roll out of the Eden Project. Stay tuned. Tell us if have by any chance come across concepts in that domain.

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