Brink’s New Multiplayer Trailer Shows Why Everyone is Special

April 5, 2011, By Christian Davis

Bethesda and Splash Damage have really got quite a gem here. Each bit of gameplay we see from Brink looks better and better and this trailer continues the trend.

The multiplayer based trailer goes through several of the games extremely helpful abilities and how to properly use them in combat situations. Take too much damage and are down for the count? Why not add the “Self Revive” feature to get you back into action and not wait for the medic that should be following you *cough* Battlefield players *cough*.

Is your base being overrun by waves of enemies? Get the “Auto Turret” ability to help even the odds a bit. Set it up at a choke point and flank them from the other side. They’ll never know what hit em.

There are ways around the turrets as well. The “Hack Turret” feature does just that. If you’re crafty enough, you should be able to hack the turret without the other player even knowing. The second he runs back to safety, he’ll have a nice surprise for.

Check out the trailer below. Which ability are you going to choose?

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