AT&T Confirms One-Year Contracts, but Prices Up

April 5, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, it could sound like a cliche if we tell you how much a new device costs with a ‘two year’ contract when it hits a particular network for the first time. It seems like we will be able to start changing the sentence. At least, when it is about AT&T. In a move that will make many among you happy, AT&T is planning to introduce one year contracts for devices on their network. However, the cut down in the duration of the contract will slightly increase the prices also.

Many users don’t like the system of two-year contracts, simply because they force them to stay with the same old device for a two-year period as new devices come out every week. For an upgrade, you may have to pay additional too.

To woo more users to small-term contracts, AT&T is going to introduce one-year contract term for subsidized devices on its network. All smartphones except the iPhone will get an additional price of $150 to their price in a two year contract.

Texting phones or feature phones will go up by $10. Without a contract, the smartphones will cost $50 more from this price, while texting phones and feature phones will add $20 more to their cost.

To add to the news the early upgrade pricing for all iPhones has gone up $50. Though it may not be so exciting for those folks who look for mobile devices at cheap prices, those who needs the most advanced devices can rock the scene from now on.

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