New Halo Movie “Halo: Faith” is going to Blow Our Minds [UPDATE]

April 4, 2011, By Christian Davis

UPDATE(10:00pm): We were able to get a few words with JaredPelletier, the director of the film.

“The story follows a group of Spartan II’s during the Fall of Reach. The group we follow have never been described thoroughly in the games or books, therefore they will be something entirely fresh for the fans. In making them physically different, they will be outfitted in custom armor, prototypes as the program transitioned from MK V to MK VI. This also means we will have some custom prototype weaponry!”

“I started working on the film back in early September after wrapping up a WWII picture. Both myself and Erik Tallek (cinematographer) brought this film to reality. We were officially green lit once Pete Mander came on board in mid-November!”

We’ll have an interview with Jared in the near future.

UPDATE: You can find more info at their Facebook Page.(Thanks readers)

I’m sure you all remember the incredible animatronic Elite suit that master costume creator Pete Mander created. It appears that he’s diving back into the Halo universe with a new fan film titled “Halo: Faith.” We haven’t seen anything regarding the previously stated elite suit, but we have high hopes that it will appear in this upcoming film.

We don’t have a trailer for it yet, but what we have are a plethora of screenshots of the film in development.  There appears to be several types of spartans that will be fighting off the covenant in the film. One is even boasting a giant chain gun that will no doubt tear through waves of human killing enemies.

We will definitely update you guys when more information becomes available. This could be that Halo movie we’ve all been waiting so long for. Judging by the pictures, the team looks extremely dedicated in the project and will definitely be shown when the film is released.

Here are the screenshots below. Let us know what you think of the screenshots. What do you think the story could be about?

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