iPod Nano 7 Likely to Bring Camera Back, Leaked Image of Case Suggests So

April 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We know many of you were disappointed with the shift in the form factor of iPod nano in its latest update. The major reason  could be that the camera just disappeared. However, certain leaked images suggest that Apple might retain the camera in the upcoming seventh generation iPod nano.

Based on the information available from a Taiwanese source, an image of a case, which is claimed to be the rear case of the seventh generation iPod nano in its earlier stages of production, has been found in the wild.

The case in the image shows a slot on the top corner, which looks almost like the space meant to accommodate a camera.

However, it is not yet time to swallow this speculation without a pinch of salt. The image can well be a handy work of rumor enthusiasts, we are not sure though. The image looks similar to the tear down images of sixth generation iPod nano, and that aspect certainly raises certain questions.

The camera slot in the leaked image comes exactly above the battery in the sixth generation iPod nano. So what happens to the battery? If it is shifted to another side, does that mean that the whole components have shifted their places to accommodate the camera?

However, confirmation is yet to come by. If there is any truth in these speculations, the seventh generation iPod nano will come with a camera as in the fifth generation iPod nano. Wouldn’t you also want that to be so?

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