Installing the Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update

April 4, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Various aspects about the initial Windows Phone 7 release were identified as requiring an update even before the phone was launched in October 2010. Elements such as the famous copy and paste omission and full Microsoft Office Mobile synchronization with SkyDrive were identified early on as requiring attention in the first update, which is now available, depending on your carrier and device.

For full details as to whether or not the first full update, NoDo, is available for your Windows Phone handset at this stage can be found at Where’s My Phone Update?, which is updated weekly with a status report regarding the rollout.

Other than the February pre-update, which was rolled out to allow a more efficient installation process for NoDo, Microsoft has never attempted a mass mobile device operating system upgrade on any previous occasion. One result of this is that the first major Windows Phone 7 update has been a stuttering, frustrating process, although hopefully Redmond will have addressed this for the future Mango update, expected in late 2011.

Installing the Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update

Check for Windows Phone 7 Updates

If you check Where’s My Phone Update? you will be able to find out if your Windows Phone is due to receive the update – sadly there is no way to force the update although some users claim that changing your computer’s regional settings and rebooting will help.

Whether this works or not, when your mobile network decides that your phone is ready for the update you should receive a notification. To check if your Windows Phone is ready to receive notifications, go to Start > Settings > Phone Update and ensure that Notify me when new updates are found is checked.

When an update is available for your Windows Phone 7 handset, you will be notified by a message across the top of the screen. To start the update process plug your phone into your usual Windows computer – the one that you should already have the Zune client installed on – and follow the onscreen instructions…

Installing the NoDo Update

When the update is ready to be installed and you have hooked your Windows Phone to your PC via USB you will see that the Zune client autoloads and displays confirmation that an update is ready for your device.

This screen will explain that an update is ready for your phone and advise you of the title of the update and also how long it is likely to take. You will need to make sure that your phone remains connected to the USB cable for the duration of the update, and note that the device will be unable to take calls during the update process, so don’t run the update if you’re expecting a vital call!

To start the update, click the Update Now button, sit back and wait for the update to complete. Once it has completed, you will have the latest update and its features – including copy and paste – at your disposal!

Note that you can click Update Later to leave the update for another time – in the Zune client go to Settings > Phone > Update to start the process again.

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