Battlefield “Play4Free” launches today with New Trailer

April 4, 2011, By Christian Davis

EA just launched their second Free4Play Battlefield game today, simply titled Battlefield Play4Free. Their previous free game, Battlefield Heroes, is a more cartoony and playful version of their fan favorite Battlefield series. The latest installment takes a more mature approach and looks just as fun to play.

Like the game’s title states, the game is free to play, however, those who want to stand out from the rest can do so through microtransactions. We don’t have specifics on what you can buy but you can expect it to be clothing for your charcter, weapons, and even player boosts.

The trailer shows some of the game’s 16  vehicles including fast moving jets, heavy duty tanks, and machine gun armed humvees.  The game appears to have as large of a scale as the retail versions of the Battlefield franchise and it’s great to see the game will still have a lot of work put into it despite it’s wallet friendly price.

If you want more info on the game head over to the game’s official website where you can also sign up in three easy steps.

Here’s the action packed trailer below. Yes, you’re still extremely cool if you walk away from explosions without looking.

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