Android Numero Uno OS, Samsung Top Phone Maker in the US; Comscore Study

April 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are you a hard core smartphone enthusiast? Then you would be among those many of your ilk who would be tracking what the mobile phone market looks like day after day. Wit new devices and operating systems being the subject many an innovative effort, it has now become tough to differentiate who is best and who is just good. In such a context, Comscore’s latest research throws up many an interesting fact.

A touch down on facts in the US smartphone market is always interesting. It needs to be so, right? For, the many players have been making things looks new every passing day. Comscore’s research has found that Android is the leading OS as of now, while among the phone manufacturers Samsung has hit the growth path.

Android has been found to lead in the US smartphone market, with a share of 33%. That means it has grown in market share by 7% as against the numbers three months ago. Meanwhile, in comparison, RIM’s BlackBerry OS has a market share of 28.9%, after having dropped by 4.8%, and as expected Apple’s iOS share stands at 25.2% – a gain of 0.2%.

Who is at the fourth position then? Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7, with a 7.7% share, in fact, dropped 1.3% than in last quarter. The fifth slot goes to Palm, who boasts of a 2.8% share. Microsoft may not be irked by that number, as they have managed to keep the share fairly unaffected.

That was about the operating systems. How do the phone makers fare? The best-selling mobiles came from Samsung, who has retained numero slot with a 24.8% share. Close behind is LG, with 20.9% share, while Motorola finished third with 16.1% market share.

Sad is the case with RIM, who has finished fourth with 8.6%. Apple came fifth with 7.5%, but then good news for them is that their market share is growing as per expectations. So, while RIM and Motorola are seeing bad days, Samsung is on a steady growth path.

Now, getting to user habits, the research also found that 68.8% smartphone users spend their mobile time texting, while 38.4% browse the web. Another 36.6% downloaded apps on a daily basis, while 26.8% are into social networking via Facebook or Twitter. Gamers account for 24.6%, and 17.5% listen to music.

Now tell us which category do you belong to? Also, do you approve of the fact that RIM is on a downhill ride? Tells us what do you feel about these findings.

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