Sony Qriocity Cloud-based Music Unlimited to Hit Xperia Play, PSP2 Soon

April 2, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Qriocity Music Unlimited, the new unlimited music service from Sony, will soon get rolled out to Sony’s prominent mobile devices by the end of 2011. Sony has come up with the Qriocity in a bid to deliver a comprehensive solution for users to enjoy content on home entertainment products, mobile phones and computers through an one-stop subscription service.

We know this may not sound like something new for PlayStation 3 users, as they already have the music service on their devices. Several models in the Bravia product line-up also already feature this one-subscription entertainment service.

The cloud-based music service from Sony, will be soon rolled out to Play station Portable 2 also, which is dubbed as the Next Generation Portable.

With a collection of six million songs, the Music Unlimited service allows users to opt between two plans. The basic plan, which costs £3.99 or €3.99 per month, offers songs which belong to specific genres and era.

The premium service costs £9.99 or €9.99 a month, and it opens up on-demand access to all songs in the library and additional channels with music making it real unlimited music service.

The Music Unlimited feature will be coming to Sony’s Android devices too. Sony Xperia Play will get the service this year itself, we hear. The idea is to have a single subscription account to enjoy music on any Sony device anywhere you are, without having to download songs on to a device and carrying it along with you.

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