Nokia Symbian Source Code Completed; Accessible to Developers Now

April 2, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Developers, both independent and company-supported, can now access Nokia’s Symbian OS source code. This has to be seen as significant at a time when the Symbian Foundation has ceased to exist. A latest notice on the Nokia Symbian home page has said that the company has finished putting the Symbian source code online.

Nokia was, hitherto, giving access to the Symbian source code as FTP access to developers on request. Though they have put up the notice, it seems that the uploading of documents and tools are not yet complete. Once complete, developers can access the documents and tools too.

Nokia has already made it known that they have finished ‘almost all of the source code’ uploads, and the few remaining source files, tools and documents will be uploaded over the next few weeks. Those who need to have an access to the source code need to register with Nokia.

In the meantime, those developers who look to contribute to the Symbian platform potentially, can now reach out to Nokia through the ‘Contact Us’ option on the website. The company has clarified that this is a measure to cut down on the number of submissions.

Despite signing a deal with Microsoft to shift their OS platform from Symbian to Windows Phone, Nokia has made it clear that they will continue supporting and updating Symbian. However, it seems they won’t be doing so on a release basis.

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