A Gamers Guide To April Fools Day

April 1, 2011, By Christian Davis

It’s now officially been April 1st for about an hour now and all you readers out there should be careful. Why? In case you didn’t know, April 1st is notorious for jokes and fake news. It’s a fun “holiday” but some of you eager fan boys can’t seem to figure out what’s real and what isn’t. Yes, this tidbit of news that you’re reading today seems amazing, but today you should be extremely skeptical of every little thing you see. I’ve compiled a guide that will aide all you gullible fans out there.

The first tip I have is probably the best tip. It’s one that you should live by, otherwise, you’ll end up with your heart broken far too often.

1. If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

What seems to be such an obvious fact is actually overlooked. If it’s a fan boy dream, it’s probably some cruel joke. Case and point, Mushroom Kingdom Hearts. This dream game combination combines the characters from Kingdom Hearts, which already consists of Disney and Final Fantasy, with fan favorites from Nintendo’s Mushroom Kingdom. The 2007 joke really fooled everyone.


The next tip dabbles with peripherals that obviously seem like they wouldn’t exist, yet you start to doubt yourself and start to believe the joke. There are few exceptions, but most of the time they’re usually a hoax.

2. If it’s made of Gold and isn’t in game, it’s probably fake.

There’s something oddly entertaining about seeing your favorite items all blinged out in rare sapphires and rubies. Evil Controllers likes that as well and have created something  that fits perfectly with the topic.

Here is the Evil Bling Controller. Once you look at it, you can’t help but laugh. It’s silly, but in a good way. Here are the specs of the controller:

  • 60k Diamond encrusted and 14k Gold Plated
  • 14k solid gold thumbsticks, d-pad, bumpers and triggers
  • Peridot, Blue Topaz, Citrine, and Ruby A,B,X,Y Buttons
  • Unobtanium Guide button

What’s the price? 1 million dollars of course. It will take about 2-3 years for development and then you’ll have to wait 2-3 days for the shipping. At least the shipping’s free right?

The last tip I have actually involves the world famous Hollywood. The primary connection that the movie studios in Hollywood have with the videogame industry are bad videogame based films. They are rarely ever good. Some are so bad they’re good, but that’s hardly their intention.

3. If it’s a videogame based movie, forget about it.

There was one movie trailer that was released in 2008 and actually was pretty convincing. Sure it looked bad, but that’s what was expected. Of course I’m talking about the Legend of Zelda movie trailer that took the internet by storm. It was so professionally done, you even started to get mad at the few people who said the film was fake.

The last tip is probably the funniest. Controversy has always been a big part of videogames. Violence and Sex are usually the main topics and there have been several suggestive gaming modes that haven’t been believable from the minute they hit the internet, but it’s still funny.

4. If it has anything to do with your private parts, there’s no chance.

The first thing that comes to mind are the Super Pii Pii Brothers. This video advertises a peripheral that you wear around your waist with and the Wiimote simulates someones urinary tool. Your goal is to pee in the toilet. That’s basically it.

Those are the tips that you should follow every April Fools Day for the rest of your life. Unfortunately for developers, if you release any news on that day, be prepared to announce it again because no one will believe you. Especially if it’s good news.

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