Gmail Gets Motion Control

April 1, 2011, By Christian Davis

One of the latest trends in technology is motion control. It’s over taken our videogames and is now headed to one of the most popular email services, GMail.

At the GMail homepage, you’ll notice a new feature in the lower left hand corner called Gmail Motion. What i has you do is place your camera above your monitor and then you can use your body to navigate though your letters. It’s innovation at its finest.

The video shows a walk through of several easy to do motions and gestures that  you’ll need to use. The videos is narrated by product manager at Google, Paul McDonald. You can tell that he’s really excited about their new way of revolutionizing email. Could this get any better? Of course it does. With you now out of your seat and moving around, you’ll now be getting your daily exercise in the process. It’s a win win situation.

Here’s the video walkthrough below. After you watch it head over to to get started with Gmail Motion.

Oh by the way, this clearly is an April Fools Joke everyone. Hope you weren’t fooled!

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