Accessing Hosted Gmail Account in an Email Client

April 1, 2011, By Christian Cawley

The flexibility of Google Mail means that you can access it anywhere, (particular from Android phones and tablets) which often means that whenever you can grab a few minutes in front of a computer you can check your messages. This is really handy if you’re on holiday, for instance, and find a cyber café where you can check things.

However there are some Google Mail accounts that you cannot access in the same way: Gmail hosted email accounts. Typically these are accessed in your browser with a URL such as:

While they might look the same they require a slight change to the Google email settings. If you’re lucky an email client such as Thunderbird of Microsoft Outlook 2010 might notice that your email client is hosted by Google and set it up automatically – otherwise you will need to do this manually.

Note that an email client on an Android phone or tablet will probably detect the correct settings for your hosted Gmail account.

So how should you access the messages from a hosted Gmail account on your email client?

Accessing a hosted Gmail account in your email client

What Is a Hosted Gmail Account?

A hosted Gmail account is one that is accessed via a Google Mail webpage in your browser, but doesn’t have the or address.

Many users have an account such as this – for a fee Google offer hosted email solutions to users and website developers, allowing them to enjoy the convenience and ease of use of a Google account while retaining their own email address. This is particularly useful if you are concerned about spam emails.

Some ISPs also offer email services wrapped up in a hosted Gmail account, where you might find that they have made some minor changes to branding. Such an account can be accessed via an Android handset or indeed on any other email client using the settings detailed below.

Secondary Email Client

Depending on which Android device you use, the chances are that you have a particularly poor email client. This isn’t one of Android’s strong areas – while third party email clients are pretty good (such as K-9 Mail) the majority of those that ship with the phones and tablets aren’t good for handling multiple accounts.

In order to access your hosted Gmail email account you will need to take advantage of one of these secondary email clients, perhaps even using it in place of your standard email app for all accounts, even the default Gmail account that you use to access the Market.

Should you choose this method you will require slightly different email settings to the ones you might otherwise use for setting up a Gmail account in your third party email client.

For IMAP email you would use the following settings:

Username: your hosted email account

Password: as used normally for the email account

IMAP server:

Port: 993

SMTP server: (requires sign-in)

Port: 465 (SSL)

Meanwhile POP users would use:

Username: your hosted email account

Password: as used normally for the email account

POP server:

Port: 995

SMTP server: (requires sign-in)

Port: 465 (SSL)

Depending on which email protocol you use (POP or IMAP) these settings will allow you to access you hosted Gmail account in almost any email client.

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