Viber 2.0 App Lets You Call & Text Your iPhone Buddies, Absolutely Free-of-Cost

March 31, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Fancy this. You own an iPhone and the device has been urging you to be on call with friends and family every time you want. Now, what if somebody gives you the opportunity to call and text everyone you want at no cost paid? We know you will jump on it in a jiffy. Israeli start up Viber Media well understands your urge, and has come up with something fresh and fabulous.

In fact, the latest from Viber is a take-off from what they had announced earlier. Viber Media, some time ago, rolled out  an app that lets iPhone users make free calls to each other. The  new introduction comes about as the version 2.0 of its app and is available at the App Store.

Interestingly, Viber’s iPhone app update makes texting to other iPhones totally free. What’s unique about this, you tend to ask? We know the question stems from the fact that there are a handful of free texting apps made for the iPhone already! Okay, we know. We call Viber’s app version 2.0 unique, because this is a free app that supports both voice calls and text messages. What do you think now?

The Viber 2.0 app, for those interested, has been offered with a new tab dedicated to ‘Messages’. This option helps users see all their messages. Moreover, it also helps users to send new messages to their contacts from the ones they already have. iPhone users get a push notification whenever they receive a text message.

Besides, Viber has also made it a point to redesign the ‘Contacts’ interface so that users will be able to filter their contacts and know who are already on Viber. Setting favorites is also possible by way of this.

Apart from the texting options, the company has also brought in enhancements in the Calling option. We mean when you place a call, the Viber 2.0 will first enter a Calling state and wait for the receiver to be contacted, and then starts ringing. The Ringing state can assure you that the iPhone user on the other end is ready to talk.

As many as 10 million downloads have been made already, and we guess the number is growing. Is this going to be a Skype killer, we wonder. What we look forward to now is a version for Android devices. Viber, hope you are listening.



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