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March 31, 2011, By Christian Davis

With all the coverage of the coveted fight sticks that we at DeviceMag have had, one thing that comes to mind is the quality of the product. Yes, the arcade stick looks nice, but how does it actually feel in your hands? We recently conducted an interview with fight stick guru Aaron Wright of SoujiStiks and he had no problem sending me a personal fight stick of his to review. You really see and feel the difference with the custom made arcade sticks and it’s obvious to see why they’re so sought after.

Visually this arcade stick will make everyones’ heads turn. Most are made out of a hard plastic, while this one is made out of two types of wood in this case, African Paduak and Hard Maple. Giving the finished products look a sleek, yet rustic look. Even though it is made out of wood, the finished product is glossy and smooth.

The buttons are transparent as well as the ball top on the actual joystick. Having them transparent really helps with one of the most eye catching features of the arcade stick, the LED lights. How they are incorporated into the fight stick is fantastic. With each movement of the joystick, there’s a soft red glow in the center of the ball top. The buttons on the face of top of the arcade stick light up with each press. It’s an awesome feature and really makes the arcade stick stand out from some of the rest.

A nice little feature of this arcade stick is hidden on the bottom. Around the border there’s a thin foam grip that will help the stick from sliding when on the table. Its little touches like that which gives the product a real professional feel and tells you that the creator really loves the work they’re doing.

With aesthetics aside, the most important component about the fight stick is how it feels when you play. Any arcade fighting game enthusiast will know the importance of the type of parts that are used and rest assured these are all top of the line. The buttons are Rollie branded with Sanwa microswitches and the joystick is a Sanwa JLF. Already a great start since these are the fasted and most responsive products out there. The joystick specifically has some quite unique about the product and that’s the gate that is used.

A gate is what allows the joystick to move. With each angle the stick is moved, it falls into a groove that lets you know where the stick is positioned and will correspond with the action on screen. Most arcade sticks usually have an “octo gate” as in 8 sides. This is a “circular gate” and has virtually no sides, allowing for complete freedom in movement. This does come with a bad side however. Sometimes you’ll “lose” where your place is and it can cause you to enter a wrong command. It’s definitely not anything that hinders the product. It just requires a small adjustment period.

I played the arcade stick on the Xbox 360 but it also functions perfectly on the Playstation 3 and the PC. You are provided with a cord to that universally plugs into the platform of choice or you could use your printer cable. It works just as good.

SoujiStiks is one of many custom fight stick creators out there but definitely is one of the best. The quality of the work, the products, and the customization that you can get on your arcade stick makes this one of the key places to order your arcade stick from.

Visit to look at Aaron’s gallery, ask questions, or order a product. Watch the video below to see what the stick looks like in action.

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