New Hawken First Person Trailer

March 31, 2011, By Christian Davis

The first person mech shooter Hawken was already a fan favorite from their first trailer that was released only a few weeks ago. The third person trailer, captured with the game’s spectator mode, really showed gamers two things:

1. We were in need of a Mech based game.

2. The Unreal Engine can still impress us.

After the trailer was released, Adhesive Games released the “Hawken Challenge” which encouraged fans to go to their nearest landmarks and take a picture next to them while holding a “I love Hawken ” sign. The pay off for participating? They’d bump up the speed of the next trailers released.

Unfortunately, the contest didn’t take off , and fortunate for us the team at Adhesive Games decided to release the trailer anyways. The contest is still going, but the team knows we’re antsy about seeing a new trailer. Aren’t they nice? This new trailer shows a cock pitted first person view point in a team deathmatch scenario.


There is still a lot from the game that we haven’t seen yet, but from this second trailer, first person was definitely the way to go. The way the HUD is set up around your screen with guns blasting will really immerse you.

There are a few new things added to this trailer though. Players are able to set up turrets around the map will can definitely help in the Hawken’s yet to be seen strategic gametypes. Sniper rifles also make their way into the game and seem to be very powerful weapons. There is also the return of the large gunship which appears to be a killstreak that players will be able to summon after a set amount of kills.

Here’s the trailer below. Just like the previous trailer, it doesn’t disappoint.

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