Adobe Photoshop for Apple iPad Shown Off at Photoshop World Conference 2011; Full Version Coming Soon

March 31, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Those who have been tracking the developments at the Photoshop World Conference 2011 would have come across this already. For those who haven’t, here’s something you would indeed love hearing. Adobe showed off their version of Photoshop meant for iPad at the event. Doesn’t that excite you?

This version of the Photoshop has everything in it to enable your iPad to deliver real Photoshop image editing instead of just filters. This means the user will now be able to make use of the layers in the software.

Other remarkable features include the introduction of image objects that can be dragged and rotated. The options also include a color mixer that enables you to blend the image with colors like a painter does.

Adobe is said to be working on the final version of the software, but haven’t mentioned when this will be made available to Apple iPad owners. We are not sure whether any kind of Android support will also be offered.

We cannot expect this particular version to be as powerful as the desktop PC version since the iPad has got many limitations in terms of the hardware it uses, as compared with desktop PCs.

If you would remember, Adobe had recently updated Photoshop Express for Apple iOS to version 2.0.  The update included the ability to purchase an in-app camera pack. It allows powerful noise reduction based on the outstanding tech in Lightroom 3 and CS5.

We are looking forward to seeing the full version without much delay. Join is as we wait for the amazing graphics editing program we all have loved to play with. In the meanwhile, you may want to follow this link to Photography Bay where they have posted a video clip that demonstrates the new software.

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