God of War 4 Possibly Leaked?

March 30, 2011, By Christian Davis

It sure is looking like it. One of the best websites to find out about potential titles is Linkedin. Displaying the resumes of industry professionals can really give you an idea about what’s coming up in the future. Thanks to the website, it appears that God of War 4 is in pre-production or full development.

An undisclosed animator, has “Game Cinematic for God of War 4 Cinematic Test” for Motion Logic Studios listed on his resume.

Apparently, the animator  said the work had nothing to do with God of War 4 despite the name. Sure! It was just a typo and he meant to put a 3 instead of a 4. Highly believable right? We’re not falling for it.

So it’s definitely possible that we are getting another title in the God of War franchise. Is that really a bad thing? Not at all. Each game gets better and the development team gets more creative each time.

What do you guys think? Just a rumor or are we going to be getting a new God of War title in the future?

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