Apple iPhone 5 to Sell 100 Million Units On its Own; Do You Think That’s Possible?

March 30, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The iPhone 5 is yet to come, and we are all waiting in anticipation for the much spoken about new gen device from Apple. Apart from the scores of leaks and rumors that keep the tech press busy, some one out there is attempting to know as to what will the device’s future be after it finally arrives.

Considering that the predecessors were successful in triggering a smartphone revolution of sorts, there are indeed reasons to believe that the Apple iPhone 5 will go the extra mile in terms of popularity.

You already know by now that the iPhone variants touched sales of more than 100 million units. That’s all the four variants combined. A latest research says that the upcoming iPhone 5 will have the capability to sell 100 million units on its own. Awesome, indeed!

Assumptions made by Asymco reveal that the upcoming iPhone 5 would sell at least that number before the next model arrives. Research they are into has found that the every model of the Apple iPhone doubles production and sales of the previous model, and thereby results in bringing to Apple about 20 percent of the global smartphone share. Interesting research this is, we think.

At a time when entities such as IDC are forecasting a larger share for Windows Phone 7 devices in the next few years, Asymco’s research assumes much significance.

It may also be noted that hey have also assumed that the demand curve for iPhone will continue to be on the upper side in spite of increasing competition from WP7, Android and webOS devices.

We are now looking to hear more on that 100 million sales figure being predicted. Do you think Apple will be able to see its new iPhone model get to that number? Tell us your take on this.

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