Secrets of Google!

March 29, 2011, By Christian Cawley

You’ve used Google before. You’re on it day and night searching for stuff rather than getting on with the supposed use of your computer, research, work, study, etc.

As such you know how to find your favourite websites, how to search specific websites for specific phrases and information and generally speaking you’re a bit of a genius at web search with Google (even though it’s Google’s servers that are doing all the hard work).

The thing is, of course, is that there is more to Google than search. Google offers free office applications, the Gmail email solution, the Blogger blogging solution, YouTube, Google Alerts… the list actually goes on and on.

But beyond all these, there are some other hidden gems secreted away on Google.

Google SketchUp - one of the many Secrets of Google!

Google Translate

Provided as a means to copy text from language into another – either to help you learn the language or to simply communicate with someone who speaks a language that you do not, Google Translate has passed Babel Fish as the online translation service of choice over the past few years.

Available via, the service is very easy to use. All you need to do is type a phrase or paste text from a document and then select the language you wish to translate to. Google Translate should auto-detect the language of the text you pasted in, which means all you need to do is click Translate for the text to be translated into the second language.

Rather than entering or pasting text, you can also enter a website URL into Google Translate in order to translate a full web page!

Google SketchUp

An alternative to spending hours poring over expensive 3D modelling software for the relatively simple task of redesigning your home is Sketchup, an application that is free to download from and run on your PC.

Featuring a build in tutorial window, SketchUp can be difficult to use to begin with, but offers powerful tools for no cost. Best used for planning redecorating or even larger projects, Sketchup is totally flexible, meaning that you can use it to test wallpaper patterns or even render entire extensions!

Google Sites

Finally one big secret of Google that you might not be aware of is Google Sites, available at

Many people spend time searching the web looking for a way to make a website. While many settle with blogs or social networking sites, others are still left wondering if they have to learn HTML and CSS before they can get anything resembling a website online.

With Google Sites, this problem becomes a thing of the past as the service gives you the opportunity to build your own website within a browser window, basing your choice on a wide selection of templates.

Once the site is designed you are then able to easily add and remove content, and access it via

Ideal for creating a family website or online home for a local community project or service, Google Sites is a great way to create your first website!

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