Nokia T7-00 Symbian^3 Smartphone Leaked via OVI Publisher Tools: First of a New Series?

March 28, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A leak from Nokia suggests that the company is set to explore new vistas by rolling out a new T series of mobile devices. Possibly, the first device of the series, the T7-00, got leaked via the OVI publisher tools.  In the OVI publisher tools, the list of devices supporting OMA Forward lock, had this hitherto unknown model from Nokia.

Listed as a Symbian^3 device, T7-00 seems to be the sign of the ongoing development process with Nokia. Some folks went the extra mile of interpreting the ‘T’ for Tablet and telling that the newly unearthed series will be tablets from Nokia. However, we have a strong feeling that the speculation is not true.

T7-00 is presently listed along with devices with 360×640 resolution displays. This makes it a device similar to the N8, X7, C7 and C6 models having the same OS platform and similar displays. However, the list also confirms the existence of certain Nokia devices like X7-00 and E6-00 which were earlier leaked, but yet to be launched.

Nokia, currently, has different series of devices for different market segments. Devices in the C series are basic gadgets while the E series goes for the business class.

N series, as you know, features high-end smartphones and the X range features media smartphones. There is absolutely no clue about the possible target segment of the new T series.

There are speculations that T series will replace one of the earlier series. But what we feel is that Nokia may be readying up a new Symbian device as part of their plan to sell 150 million Symbian units in 2011, as they announced earlier.

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