LG’s Latest Android Smartphone Spotted at FCC; Heads for T-Mobile

March 28, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

FCC is the right place to get some real hint about the upcoming devices. As has often been the case earlier, we have got yet another FCC spotting – an LG smartphone hopefully belonging to the Optimus line-up. As per the documents submitted with the FCC, LG has pushed a new smartphone through FCC gates for approval.

LG has already launched a bunch of new smartphone devices during the last quarter, all in the Optimus line-up, like Revolution, Optimus 3D, Optimus 2X and Optimus Black. The new entrant seems to be the latest addition to these models.

The new device identifies itself with the FCC ID BEJP999DW. As per the documents, its model number is P999DW. Going the way of logical guesswork makes us think this one too is an Android device.

If we go back to the old FCC documents, Optimus 3D was P920 and Optimus Black was P970. Both these devices seem to be distant cousins of the new one at FCC, going by the similarity in model number. However, there is closer relative, one with model number P990- the Optimus 2X.

Due to this similarity in the model number, rumor mills hint that the new entrant also will be the latest Android device from LG. Many expect it will be Optimus G2x, a new version of Optimus 2X for T-Mobile.

There are more reasons for us to believe that the new member is heading for T-Mobile, since the FCC documents say that the P999 supports GSM bands 850 and 1900, which corresponds to T-Mobile network.

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