Cricket World Cup gives cricket websites huge boost: India vs. Pakistan match to see further boom in traffic

March 28, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The ICC Cricket World 2011 is reaching its end and within a week a dust will settle and the winners known as the cup that counts come to an end. The Cricket World Cup hade many doubting the popularity of the one-day game before it started but with the unmatched interest that has been seen in the last month, those reservations have been done away with.

Ask sites like or Yahoo cricket, which are seeing huge traffic gain and they will tell you the success this cricket world cup has been. Reports are that in the last month or so cricket sites across the net have seen a huge spike up in the traffic as many are flocking them for live scores, updates, videos, news and reviews. Cricket blogs, big and small have all seen a boom in the number of visitors according to Google.

There are solid numbers to back up the claim as just in the second week of March had around 7 million people visiting it and many believe that the coming India vs. Pakistan match in Mohali on March 30th will see interest go up further in a huge fashion. All this is obviously great news for cricketing sites that are doing all they can to capitalize on the ‘once in 4 years’ phenomenon.

Experts on web traffic further predict that the rush could go to ‘server breaking’ heights for sites like if hosts India manage to win the cup. This has been a golden month for cricketing sites in terms of traffic thanks to sub-continent teams doing so well, apart from England offering constant thrills and spills.

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