Apple iPhone 5 Rumors; What Do They Really Tell You?

March 28, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We hear a lot about the upcoming iPhone 5 in the form of rumors and grapevine talk almost every day now. Though most of them end up as baseless imagination, we thought it would be interesting to put them together in a bid to see if the rumors make any sense. We guess it would also help you draw a picture of the iPhone 5 even before it finally arrives.

In fact, guys at GoRumors have compiled the bunch of rumors so that we get a fair idea where they lead to. Multiple rumors have hinted that the iPhone 5 would look very much similar to iPhone 4. But it comes with better camera, possibly one with 8 megapixel resolution.

Also rumored is the fact that the prominent Home button will be transformed into unnoticeable controls on the edges in iPhone 5. Some sources say that the Home button will give way to touch sensitive controls.

A bigger high-resolution display is almost a confirmed feature. This time around it could be a tad thinner, but with the look and feel of iPad 2. But the glass will be replaced with brushed metal on the back side.

May be the most annoying rumor around here about the iPhone 5 is that it may feature a slide-out keyboard. We guess we may not even imagine such a thing even in our wildest dreams –  an Apple iPhone with a slide-out physical keyboard could be really annoying right? That’s what we feel, but then you guys could have the liberty to think different.

There is also a possibility for Apple to try out 3D display on its iPhone 5. Also, as they did with the iPad 2, there are enough chances that the iPhone 5 also will come with an A5 processor. Many believe that the iPhone 5 will have 4G LTE support, better voice controls and 1 GB RAM will to make it a unique device.

Read them all at one go, and tell us if you have figured out the form factor and specs of the device that is in the works at Apple.

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