Amazon Android Appstore virtual machine: Take your apps on a free test drive!

March 28, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Amazon’s Android Appstore opened with plenty of hype surrounding it and at the present moment it seems that the Appstore is living up to the billing in giving android consumers an experience that they might have been craving for since long. With the way Amazon Appstore is progressing and the reviews it has been receiving from users, it might not be long before it takes over as ‘the’ place to go for android apps.

That said, the best part of the Appstore (apart from the one changing free app on offer each day)is the virtual interface that is on offer, which allows you to check out the apps before you make a purchase. The virtual engine allows you to check the apps out in totality as it opens a new window opens up that presents a mock-up of your android gadget and you can then run the app on it to see exactly what you can expect when you buy it.

So, instead of just buying an app based on the promise of the publisher, now you can go ahead and try it out fully before you shell out your hard earned dough. The virtual interface is easy to use, simple to operate and gives you a pretty accurate view of what you will get once you buy the app. Another wonderful little addition to consumer experience at the Amazon Appstore… Did you check it out yet?

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