The DeviceMAG Windows Live Photo Gallery Manual!

March 26, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Over the past few months we’ve presented several guides – comprising a useful manual, if you like – to making use of the excellent Windows Live Photo Gallery application from Microsoft.

Available free as part of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 package, these guides on how to use Windows Live Photo Gallery have covered a wide selection of topics, from emailing a gallery to creating an autocollage of favourite photographs.

Windows Live Photo Gallery is certainly a powerful too – after all, it is free to download and install yet allows the user to perform various tasks that can both enhance their enjoyment of their photograph collection and manage it more effectively.

Fix red eye in Windows Live Photo Gallery

Fixing Photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery

For instance, Windows Live Photo Gallery affords the user various methods with which digital photographs can be repaired, such as resolving issues with red eye or adjusting the angle of the image.

Additionally there are tools featured in the software that allow you to restore old photographs. Given that such repairs were pretty expensive just a few years ago, you can see how much of an advantage it is to have this type of tool available to use for free.

Meanwhile the fantastic Photo Fuse feature – regularly seen in adverts for Windows 7 – is also available in Windows Live Photo Gallery. This tool allows you to merge together elements from subsequent photos in order to create a single, perfect image. It is ideal for group photographs that feature someone looking the wrong way, for instance.

Enhancing Photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery

You will find that there is more to Windows Live Photo Gallery than just repair tools, however. If you have snapped a series of photos from the same spot with the intention of lining them up in to a panorama image, Windows Live Photo Gallery can take over this task for you, automating it and ultimately making it much easier.

Meanwhile the software is also equipped to make automated photo slideshows easy to configure, display and share. Uploading a slideshow to YouTube can be done in a matter of minutes, from where you can share it with your friends.

Sharing and Managing Digital Photos

Other sharing options are available in Windows Live Photo Gallery. Along with slideshows, standard photos can be shared via social networks or just email, a great way to show your friends and family your collection of images. You can upload to Facebook or Windows Live, for instance, as well as libraries such as Flickr.

Finally, with all of your adjustments, restorations and sharing complete, you might like to manage your library in order to find photos more easily. The photo tagging tools in the application can assist with this, making it easier to use the Windows Live Photo Gallery search tool (and Windows Explorer) to find your digital photographs!

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