Mobile Browsing on Your PC!

March 26, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Are you looking for a browser that offers easy to use, fast mobile browsing for Windows 7 tablets? If so you could do a lot worse than Opera Mobile 11 for Windows.

And yes, you read that right: Opera Mobile 11 for Windows. This is a version of the popular Opera browser, initially designed for use on high-end mobile devices that has been ported to Windows for running on Windows 7 tablet PCs.

It is also compatible with Windows 7 desktops and laptops, and this means that you can give it a try out on any Windows 7 device that you have!

Opera Mobile browser for Windows 7 PCs and tablets

Downloading Opera Mobile 11 for Windows

Using this version of the browser is easy, and whether you have a desktop or laptop computer or you’re using a Windows 7 tablet it is certainly worth trying out.

To get your copy of Opera Mobile 11 for Windows, visit and when the page is open browse through list until you find Opera Mobile 11 (Windows 7) and then click View download link.

Below the International link will appear – click this to download the file which is around 11 MB. Once the download has completed you can use this file to install Opera Mobile 11 on your Windows 7 computer!

Using Opera Mobile 11 on a PC or Tablet

Once you have the browser installed you can start using it. Naturally there are a few differences between using a mobile browser on a desktop and on a tablet. Most notably is the fact that your desktop computer probably doesn’t have a touch screen display.

Tablet users will be able to interact with the browser using either a finger or a pen, depending on the spec of their Windows 7 tablet.

Meanwhile PC and laptop users can control Opera Mobile 11 on the computer via the mouse. The pointing device should be used in the same way as a finger or stylus/pen – that is, to scroll you can left click, pull or push the mouse and then release the left mouse button. This should be done in a single fluid movement for the best results.

You will also notice when launching Opera Mobile 11 for Windows 7 that you are first presented with a Start page, listing various popular online destinations such as Facebook. These can be added to by clicking or tapping an empty item and adding the URL.

Adding a URL or tapping/clicking into any field in an Opera Mobile 11 webpage will prompt the browser’s own onscreen keyboard to be displayed. This is a standard QWERTY keyboard for English language users and features further characters via the 123 and ae buttons. However the keyboard is highly responsive and ideal for tablet typing. PC users can of course use their standard desktop keyboards!

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