Facebook Questions Introduced; Make Use of the Wisdom of Your Friends

March 26, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, all you out there have your own reasons to love Facebook. Now the largest social network in the cyberworld has added one more feature, which will make more people love it. Facebook has introduced Facebook Questions, a feature that will allow individual users to create their own polls on any issues under the sun or above it, as a part of their Facebook existence.

As you used to post, ‘what’s on your mind’, or status update, link or video in the Facebook, you can now post a question. This question will be displayed as a poll allowing your friends to vote for the suitable answer. Moreover, it allows them to add a new answer to it, if they don’t find one which suits them.

The Facebook officials got the spark of the idea when they found that many people post questions as their status update and their friends answering it in the comments. Facebook Questions, the new feature is an attempt to make this interaction easier and useful.

The feature will be used more for getting advices or suggestions than for getting solid answers. As you know, friends are always the better source for valuable advices and suggestions. So there is no doubt that the new feature will let you rock on Facebook, in a give and take policy. Go get advices on anything from your friends and do vote their polls too.

Once you answer a question, all your Facebook friends will see your answer. This way, the answers spread across groups of friends. Moreover, when one of your friends answers your question, their friends also can answer that question. However, a filtering system will give preference to friend’s opinion in the display.


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