Cropping Images in Microsoft Office Picture Manager

March 26, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you have been scouring your computer or even the web for an easy way to crop and resize images then you could be missing out on a very easy to use system, provided as part of Microsoft Office 2010.

In fact, Microsoft Office Picture Manager has been a part of the suite since at least 2003, and can be used to change the dimensions of images, their file size and type and even tidy up graphical anomalies on images such as red eye or problems with colour, brightness and contrast.

Anyone with a copy of Microsoft Office can use Picture Manager to perform a simple crop in combination with a standard resize in order to shave down an image and use it in a document or on a webpage.

Cropping images in Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Auto Cropping Images in Microsoft Office Picture Manager

The first way in which you might crop images with Microsoft Office Picture Manager is to load the image up and use the automatic crop tool.

Opening images in Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a little unusual – there is no Open menu item in the software, and file the File > Locate Pictures tool is useful it does little more than replicate Windows Explorer.

Instead, to open an image, find it on your computer, right-click and use the Open with… option to launch the image in Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

With the image open, go to Picture > Crop… to open the Crop tool, which you will see on the right-side of the window. Use the Crop Settings section to select an Aspect ratio from the drop down menu and select a Landscape or Portrait crop as required. Using your mouse pointer you should be able to move the crop around the main image, allowing you to focus on specific sections.

Once you’re happy with the crop, click OK to apply the change!

Manually Cropping Images in Microsoft Office Picture Manager

If you would rather have more control, you might prefer to manually crop an image, something that is particularly useful when combined with the Picture > Resize… tool.

When the image is a suitable size and you are ready to apply the crop, go to Picture > Crop… and use the Crop handles to crop the image down to the required dimensions. Fine tuning of the crop can be performed in the Crop tool, where you can adjust the position of the Crop handles using the up and down arrows.

When you’re satisfied, click OK to apply the crop, and then go to File > Export… to specify a file type and filename for your new image. You can also use the Browse… button to save the image to a new location.

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