Xperia X10 to get an Android 2.3.3 update: Sony Ericsson promises Gingerbread by start of Q3

March 25, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Sony Ericsson said that there would be no Gingerbread update for Xperia X10. Well, it is hard enough to get Smartphone updates when companies promise them well ahead (ask the Samsung consumers about that and they will tell you the long, hard tale), but to get an update that was not promised is a real sweet surprise indeed. But that is exactly what Sony Ericsson is offering to the Xperia X10 users.

Those stuck on Éclair aka Android 2.1 on the Xperia X10 will soon be able to jump to Gingerbread. The announcement just became official as Sony Ericsson promised to release the Android 2.3.3 update for Xperia X10 consumers by the start of Q3, at the most. The update could also roll out before the end of Q2 and either way the news now confirmed is that it will be out for sure.

The change in mind from Sony Ericsson apparently came about after consumers pressed on its forums for the Android update. See what a little collective push can do!! But if you are on X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro or X8, then this Android update is not for you as it is exclusive to the Xperia X10 users. This probably is Sony Ericsson’s way of thanking its X10 users for their loyalty and an android update is a reward that they have given them in return.

So, happy with your Xperia X10? Did this new update news stop you from switching away from Sony Ericsson and Xperia X10?

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